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Zack Petroc Studios

With a commitment to driving the digital entertainment industry forward, Zack Petroc continues to develop new techniques that redefine how digital tools impact the art and design of story telling. In 2005 he opened Zack Petroc Studios to focus on the development of unique new content and one of a kind training tools. The Studios’ first independent project Adaboy gives viewers direct access to behind the scenes story development techniques, allowing them to follow along as it evolves from concept to completed project. Additionally, his studio has worked on the development of several feature films and video games with a recent client list that includes Disney Interactive, Scott Free Productions, SCEA, Walt Disney Imagineering, Snoot Entertainment, Hasbro, and Paramount Pictures.

Currently he enjoys spending his days as Model Supervisor at Walt Disney Animation Studios, interacting with some of the most talented artists in the industry.

Training Tools and Streaming Lectures

Zack also has a passion for teaching and training digital artists. In addition to lecturing at universities across the US and abroad, Zack has headed several workshops and training seminars at leading industry companies.

Now, through, professionals and students alike have direct access to Zack’s tools and techniques via instant download and streaming Master Class videos. Options ranging from one time downloads, to all inclusive Premium Memberships, allow for a variety of ways to access this one of a kind source of inspiration, and education.