Rhythms Gestures, Module 04

Module_04 is upon us!
Working at Disney for the past three years has opened my eyes to an entirely new level of stylized form development. Another great benefit to this experience has been that I have gained invaluable information that is directly applicable to my personal, more “realistic”, work. The principles and foundations of the design ideas that define a great stylized character are equally important in all types of character design. It’s amazing how often they are completely and unintentionally, ignored by artists, but like many of the other topics we have covered, once you are aware of these concepts, you can begin the journey of infusing them into your work.


Video: Rhythms & Gestures

  • Straights and curves:  form development across design styles


Video: Lines and Hits

  • Defining a “Hit” point on a curve
  • How to not balance two lines
  • Balancing straights with curves


Now that we’ve covered several different archetypes of straight-to-curve relationships and leading a character, let’s examine thisLoomis proportion drawing. See if you can locate the straight-to-curve relationships of the lines used to define the silhouette. Look for the “S” curves that flow throughout the character and see if you can identify how they add to the overall sense of the character’s gesture and rhythm. Notice the equal balance of the character over his feet. Compare this to the following image of Superman by Alex Ross. Look at how his character leads with his chest and what that does to the overall stance and balance of the figure.

Assignment: Evaluate the straights and curves of your character’s form development. Look for a balance of lines, find areas with “equal” curves, and eliminate them! Now we can combine the ideas of rhythms and gestures with the development of straights and curves to unify the entire figure. This is not an easy process, in fact, it can take years to become comfortable with, but being aware of these ideas means you are already off to a great start.


In Closing

It has been a real pleasure seeing the progress in your sculpts!!! Seeing the progress in your sculpts is why I love to teach this class!! Hopefully this is just the beginning of the journey for most of us- I know it still feels that way for me.

I will continue to post our sculpt-overs throughout this week and the modules will remain live for a few weeks after the class wraps so you can refer back to all the material.

Remember, the best way to succeed is to fail over and over and over again. Persistence and dedication will get you where you want to go!!!

Good luck everyone and please stay in touch!!!! Feel free to add me on Facebook if you’re into that.


Video: Anatomy Gesture Sculpt Over_05

  • Leading with the chest
  • Thin muscled female
  • Arm to shoulder
  • Stance

Gil Castro Sculpt


Video: Anatomy Gesture Sculpt Over_06

  • Leading with the chest and hips
  • Thin muscled male
  • “S” curve of the leg
  • Stance

Ben Knapp Sculpt


Video: Anatomy Gesture Sculpt Over_07

  • Large, barrel-chested character
  • Muscled with fat layer
  • Head width in one direction
  • Stance

Roarke Nelson Sculpt