Rhythms Gestures, Module 03

Module_03 is alive!
Welcome to our next module. Between defining the design intentions of your character, understanding its back story, determining what part of the body should be leading the stance, and beginning to evaluate the rhythms and gestures of the character, we have covered a lot of ground! My intention is to use this module as a working week to allow you to implement all of those fundamental ideas in your character. We will also be using this week to really dive into the sculpt-overs. Every time I do a sculpt-over I learn something new. Each one is an interesting challenge that offers some new insight into the world of anatomy, gesture, rhythms, and design. Their are obvious benefits to watching someone do a sculpt-over of your character, but there are also many potential benefits to watching a sculpt-over of other artist’s work. With that in mind I am including a handful of select sculpt-overs from previous classes to get us started.


Video: Anatomy Gesture Sculpt Over_01

  • Contrapposto
  • Proportions and limb length
  • Open and closed sides of a pose
  • Stance
  • Balance of the pose

Mark DeDecker Sculpt


I wanted to add this second video to showcase how the ideas we have been examining are just as relevant to creature design. The same rules of rhythms and gestures apply to fictional designs as well!


Video: Creature Anatomy Sculpt Over_01

  • Defining the stance of your character
  • Proportions and limb length
  • Don’t be afraid to pose your character early in the process
  • Rhythms and Gestures
  • Defining unique muscle boundaries

Fernando Acosta Sculpt

One important note to remember when viewing the sculpt-overs is that I will be presenting options, not ideas that must be applied to all sculpts. If you do your best to understand why the option is being presented, then you will automatically be learning to ask the type of questions it takes to truly improve your character.

Video: Anatomy Gesture Sculpt Over_01

  • Leading with the chest
  • Masses of the legs
  • Bone, tissue, muscle of the knee
  • Stance

Daniel Ripley Sculpt


Video: Anatomy Gesture Sculpt Over_01

  • Proportions
  • Leading with the head
  • Finding the rib cage
  • Thin build

Ricard Sculpt


Video: Anatomy Gesture Sculpt Over_01

  • Muscle boundaries
  • Leading with the hips
  • scrappy muscle tension
  • Arm positioning

Hotliver Sculpt