Character Creation, Intro

Welcome to the class!!

Welcome to Zack Petroc Studios Character Creation Master Class. I do not exaggerate when I say this class is meant to change the way you approach your art and career. All you’ll need to do is be open to looking at your art from a different perspective, and stay committed to improving it.

We will be covering a large amount of information, from basic terms and titles, to advanced work flow techniques and production pipeline philosophies. I’ve developed this class with a modular syllabus in mind, and with the streaming format, you can spend as much time as you need on each module.

We will be utilizing a combination of notes, images, web links, and videos throughout the class. The majority of the information I present will be via the videos I’ve created for our class. They will be embedded into the sections of each module along with pertinent notes and other relevant information. All the modules should be accessible via your “My Master Class” link in the main navigation bar at the top of every page.

Just to be clear, your login information is for you and only you to access the Master Class. Zack Petroc Studios reserves the right to cancel your class membership at any time if you share your login access information. There will be downloadable videos and lectures that accompany the class, but when videos are embedded, they are not meant to be downloaded. The less Pirating of information that happens during the class, the more information I’ll feel comfortable posting.


The assignments are there to help you with your time management as the class progresses. Personally, I always benefit from a bit of outside motivation and prefer to have defined deadlines. When following the assignments, please try not to jump too far ahead. The most common shortfall of a character design or design sculpt is not spending enough time understanding its foundation. Ninety percent of the mistakes you’ll make will happen in the first two modules, and they are also the hardest to fix. I’d rather have you spend too much time trying to fully understand the topics covered in any given module then breeze through them without fully challenging yourself.


Recommended Reading
It’s amazing how difficult it can be to find great reference materials. In fact, there were times in my career when I chose the wrong materials to learn from, sending my artistic development in a lateral direction. It can be a frustrating endeavor. Bellow is a selection of books I’ve found to be extremely useful for visual learning, and books that offer great insights into design and concept creation. I’ll be adding to this list as the class progresses so check back in to see what’s new.

Human Anatomy for Artists, the elements of form. Elliot Goldfinger

Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth. Andrew Loomis (this one is out of print but I would highly recommend getting a copy if you can find one)

The Human Machine. George B. Bridgman

Story. Robert McKee (from video games to film, to digital comics, we create story based characters. Growing your awareness of story will simultaneously grow your awareness of character development)

Making Comics. Scott McCloud (a hidden treasure of a book, applicable to all facets of visual story telling)

*More book suggestions are be posted in the modules.